Artist's Statement

Watercolor Portrait Artist

“Painting People for People”

I have a passion for painting people in watercolor. With its luminosity and transparency, watercolor is a perfect medium for painting people. I love the challenge of capturing the spirit, likeness and attire of the subject. It is exciting for me to see the person I’m painting come to life on the paper as I apply layer upon layer of beautiful transparent watercolor. The greatest reward for me is to have the viewer become emotionally connected with the completed painting.

In addition to establishing this emotional connection with the viewer, I want the painting to be a source of support for the needy and underprivileged. To help achieve this goal, a majority of the commission fee or sales price of the painting is designated for a worthy charity. This way the client benefits from receiving a completed portrait, I’m rewarded by the client’s appreciation and the charity is helped in a small way with a donation. Through this process, I’m painting people for people.

Steve Rothert