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Watercolor Portrait Artist


Steve has been painting commission watercolor portraits since 2008. Steve paints a one to three person portrait from the client’s photograph or from photos he takes. Working with the client, a suitable image is selected for the painting. The actual painting takes from 60 to 90 days to complete. To start the process a small deposit is requested. This deposit will be paid to a deserving charity. There is no financial risk to the client. If the finished painting is not satisfactory for any reason, the deposit is fully refunded upon the return of the painting. If the client likes the painting, the remainder of the fee is paid with a majority of it going to a charity; a small portion is retained to cover the artist’s expenses. For timing and pricing, please contact Steve.

Laura | 9 x 13 inches | SOLD

Steve Rothert
2139 NW High Lakes Loop
Bend, Oregon 97701

Emma | 9 x 14 inches | SOLD